Sermon Series_February 2Lent is the 40 days of preparation for the great Easter celebration. Professor Laurence Hull Stookey says: “This season is like an ellipse–It is a single entity with a double focus: 1) it is a time for probing consideration of our human condition, including sin and its deadly consequences for both individuals and society, and 2) it is a time for an equally intense consideration of the new possibilities offered to us in Jesus Christ and their implication for practical living.” To help us do this, we are looking at some wisdom that college coaches have shared over the years. A great coach inspires us to do great things. We can learn many life lessons from the coaches in our lives. Over the next 6 weeks we will be looking at 15 different life-lessons and how those apply to our faith. You’ll have an opportunity to share some wisdom too. Hope you can make it for some soup, some cribbage, and some wisdom from our eternal coach: Jesus Christ.